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Pathway to Regenex Treatment


Contact us with your wastewater troubles, and we will sample your waste stream. We have many sampling options to fit your needs.


Our laboratory experts will perform treatability studies to identify compounds of interest and assess treatment options.


Upon a successfully completed sample analysis, we can conduct an on-site Regenex System demonstration with our trailer mounted unit.


When the demonstration is finished, our team will create a treatment solution utilizing a Regenex system tailored to the demands of your application.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Continuous flow, in-line media regeneration, and unrivaled capacity for organic contaminant capture make the ABS Wastewater Regenex™ Treatment System an economical solution for a broad range of applications. For industries where wastewater management and disposal are concerns, the Regenex system is a groundbreaking alternative to conventional treatment technologies, ensuring lower operating costs and more efficient water use.

About ABS Wastewater

ABS Wastewater, a division of ABS Materials, is a full-service water and wastewater treatment company with novel solutions to fit many industry needs. Our flagship family of Regenex Wastewater Treatment Systems represents a cutting-edge product line suitable for a diverse clientele of wastewater generators, treaters, and handlers.

Drawing off nearly a decade of experience in wastewater system design and development, we understand the complex nature of wastewater streams, and take pride in our ability to offer solutions with individual client concerns in mind. We also offer a comprehensive suite of complimentary services, including on-site sampling, in-house laboratory analysis, treatability studies, and system design consultation.

Additional Services

Remediation Solutions


EcoTreat™ injection media effectively remediates groundwater contamination in an environmentally friendly way.  Designed for remediation of chlorinated species (TCE,PCE, etc.), Ecotreat media was developed with longevity in mind, allowing for complete reduction of contaminants with no daughter products.  Our remediation solutions create a barrier, destroy pollutants, and protect the environment.

Stormwater Solutions


BioMax™ medias are used in many green infrastructure applications to protect groundwater from a variety of contaminants like the gasoline, oil, heavy metals and dissolved phosphorous, commonly found in stormwater runoff.  From bioswales, rain gardens, and engineered filters, to green roofs and permeable pavements, BioMax medias are the perfect way to augment your Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) projects.