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ProChem & ABS Wastewater Collaborate to Bring Solutions to Industrial Manufacturing

ProChem, Inc. and ABS Wastewater are teaming up to expand their respective catalogs, bringing innovative solutions to more industrial facilities. The companies share a common goal and company mission: to solve the industry’s wastewater treatment problems through cost-effective solutions.

Both companies offer an impressive full-service list of products and capabilities, and where these products do not overlap, they complement one another nicely.

ABS Wastewater, a division of ABS Materials, has spent almost a decade perfecting its innovative Regenex Industrial Treatment Systems. These systems utilize a high performance, transformative absorbent technology that can remove hydrocarbons, VOCS, and other organic contaminants from industrial wastewater and process water. This technology is reusable – it can be regenerated over and over again while continuously treating wastewater streams.

ProChem, Inc. has spent over 15 years perfecting its custom tailored solutions catalog for all industrial water and wastewater treatment needs, including physical chemical treatment program design, system design and fabrication (batch, continuous flow, water reuse, ion-exchange), and treatment plant operations.

This mutual collaboration will benefit industrial manufacturing facilities with common or unique water challenges and goals. Both companies are equipped to handle just about any industry water problem on their own. Together, using the best that both companies offer, they can better meet the needs of their customers while fully supporting their company missions.


About ProChem, Inc.

A leading provider of end-to-end industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions, specializing in water reuse. ProChem handles every aspect of a treatment system form the treatability study and treatment program design to fabrication, installation, daily operation, and even chemical and spare parts supply. All systems are tailored to each customer’s need, automated, and equipped with customized web-based remote monitoring.
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About ABS Wastewater

A full-service water and wastewater treatment company with novel solutions to fit many industry needs. Their flagship family of Regenex Wastewater Treatment Systems represents a cutting-edge product line suitable for a diverse clientele of wastewater generators, treaters, and handlers. Drawing off nearly a decade of experience in wastewater system design and development, ABS Wastewater understands the complex nature of wastewater streams and takes pride in their ability to offer solutions with individual client concerns in mind. They also offer a comprehensive suite of complimentary services, including on-site sampling, in-house laboratory analysis, treatability studies, and system design consultation.

About ABS Materials

Parent company to ABS Wastewater, ABS Materials is an industry leader in high performance, transformative absorbent technology solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. ABS strives to facilitate change through innovation while solving tough problems.
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