Our Partnerships: Enabling Solutions

Partnerships of all magnitudes represent a cornerstone of business for ABS Materials. Healthy partnerships foster growth and innovation, empowering the development of new products and services which help our clients solve their problems. The companies we partner with share a common goal and company mission: to solve industry’s water problems through cost-effective solutions.

For further information regarding partnership and investor resources, please email us at info@absmaterials.com

Our Partners

ProChem, Inc.

ProChem is a leading provider of end-to-end industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions, specializing in water reuse. ProChem handles every aspect of a treatment system from the treatability study and treatment program design to fabrication, installation, daily operation, and even chemical and spare parts supply. All systems are tailored to each customer’s need, automated, and equipped with customized web-based remote monitoring. With over 15 years in the industrial water treatment field, ProChem has the experience and technology to solve any water problem for any industry.

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Foamulations designs and engineers products according to customer specifications to best suit their project needs. With the capability to utilize desired media in versatile and efficient delivery systems, Foamulations creates unique project solutions.

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SPEL Environmental

Located in Australia, SPEL has over 45 years of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing water treatment systems that are easy to transport, install & maintain.

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