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EcoTreat™ Media: Creates Barriers, Destroys VOCs, and Protects the Environment

Long-lasting Groundwater and Soil Remediation

Remediation Solutions

ABS Wastewater has established itself as a pioneer in soil and groundwater remediation technology with it’s innovative EcoTreat™ media. Combining the proven remediation abilities of zero-valent iron (ZVI) with a novel adsorbent, EcoTreat™ media provides effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the cleanup of soil and groundwater contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and metals. Specifically designed to treat chlorinated solvent contamination (e.g. TCE, PCE, PCB), EcoTreat™ media ensures safe and reliable contaminant capture in remediation applications.


The ability of zero-valent iron (ZVI) to reduce certain chlorinated hydrocarbons and immobilize metals has been utilized successfully for many years in remediation applications. However, long-standing concerns exist over the longevity of ZVI after exposure to water; a traditional shortfall of ZVI in remediation applications. Addressing this concern, EcoTreat™ media uses a special process to encapsulate the ZVI with a hydrophobic absorbent, protecting it from water and potential degradation. Additionally, the high-capacity absorbent will capture the contaminants in the water, bringing them into contact with the ZVI, which reduces them to non-hazardous compounds. The reduction process, which takes place in several stages, can create other harmful products (daughter products), that are also contained by our EcoTreat™ media until they have been fully broken down into harmless compounds.


EcoTreat media is typically deployed by in-situ injection into the contaminated ground. It can also be mixed directly into soil. EcoTreat™ media is biocompatible, and unlike other injection medias, it has no harmful effects on soil biology.


ABS Technology featured in US EPA CLU-IN (Clean Up Information) Nanotechnology for Remediation.

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