Markets Served

As a full-service wastewater and environmental solutions provider, ABS Wastewater is committed to being on the forefront of innovation for the markets we enter. Our diverse clientele is united in one common goal: seeking safe, cost-effective technologies for the treatment of wastewater and contaminated soil.

Markets we serve include…

Wastewater Treatment

At ABS Wastewater, our core competency is the design and development of wastewater treatment systems. The underlying technology for our family of Regenex Treatment Systems was developed from technological advancements made in earlier ABS Wastewater treatment systems, which have paved the way for our most advanced product line to date. Where there is wastewater, we have a solution.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Subsurface water and soil contamination is challenging to treat. Environmental Service and Remediation companies can benefit from our line of EcoTreat™ Media solutions, which effectively contain and destroy dispersed contaminants. Using on-site injection, environmental operators can easily and efficiently incorporate EcoTreat media to their “toolbox” of remediation solutions for affected areas.

Stormwater Remediation

Stormwater, and the contaminant-laden runoff it carries, can wreak havoc on the surrounding ecology. Our BioMax™ and BioMax Phosphorous Removal Medias are ideal for green infrastructure systems, such as permeable pavements, tree box filters, bioswales, and bioretention systems. From environmental engineering firms to contractors and construction companies, ABS Wastewater’s line of BioMax media’s can be incorporated into any existing or proposed Green Infrastructure (GI) or Low Impact Development (LID) project.