ABS Wastewatprochem-logo-2016er is teaming up with ProChem to better serve our customers. 

At ABS Wastewater, it is our mission is to provide our customers with innovative solutions to their wastewater problems. Our flagship family of Regenex Wastewater Treatment systems is ideal for cost effectively removing a wide range of volatile organic contaminants from water. While our Regenex System is specially designed and equipped to handle certain contaminants, there are others that require additional help. This is why we are excited to announce our partnership with ProChem Water.

ProChem has the same goals we do: to provide their customers with cost-effective solutions that actually solve their problems and allow them to meet their goals. That mission often requires time and specialization. ProChem has dedicated the past 15 years to a (very) long list of contaminants, industry-specific issues, and customer-specific issues.

Like ABS Wastewater, ProChem is a full-service water and wastewater treatment company with products suitable for many different industries.

Through our mutual collaboration, ProChem and ABS Wastewater can be more cost competitive with a quicker turnaround on solutions for our customers. By expanding our respective catalogs to include one another’s products, we can reach more industrial facilities. We share the same goal: solve industry’s water problems. Together, we are one (giant) step closer.

We’re proud to have ProChem on our team, and proud to be a part of their solutions catalog too.

Read more about ProChem here: www.prochemwater.com